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[Expired]We are looking for part-time translators who can speak Russian and Thai.

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1. Language required for interpretation: Russian, Thai

2. Interpretation method: telephone

3. Interpretation allowance payment: Personal account (ID card, copy of bankbook required)

4. Interpretation Procedure:

    1) Request an interpreter if necessary

    2) You will be asked in advance for the available time before interpreting.

    3) Interpretation

    4) After the interpretation is complete, the interpreted content is written in the form and sent to the center(email).

    5) Payment of allowance after checking interpretation form (takes 7days to 15days) 

5. Interpretation content: HIV-related(You can receive information about HIV)

6. How to apply: Fill out the application form->

Please send this email to (khap@kaids.or.kr)

7. Inquiries: 02-927-4322 / khap@kaids.or.kr 

8. Allowance : 33,000won(1~3 hours* Telephone interpretation can be completed in a shorter time./Mandatory: Complete the phone interpretation requirements requested on the same day)

9. Other : You must also be able to speak Korean in order to exchange information with the center staff. 

We look forward to your participation from international students.




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