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KHAP has just completed its six months. We have grown substantially in these six months as one of the most recognized HIV/AIDS information base in the Republic of Korea. It's been an exciting time for us. We have had trying times too specially when it came to finances.

KHAP is preparing to meet the challenge of the future, but we need your help. Every month, most people rely on us to provide the latest news and clinical information. If each one of you sent $1.00 that would be $270,000 a year, nearly three times our current annual budget.

We know most of you are struggling, so please, put your health and family first. Pay the rent, buy your medications and groceries, get your kids their clothes for school. But, if there's a little something left over, KHAP could really use the help. Tax deductible donations can now be made by simply sending them to:

With a little effort, we can all help each other, and KHAP will be able to reach out with even more services and information.